New Study Sheds Light on Future Growth Potential of Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets Space

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Number of Crypto Users Set To Hit 1,000,000,000, According to New Study – Here’s When

According to a joint report compiled by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), blockchain investment firm Foresight Ventures and crypto trading platform Bitget, data suggests that the industry will surpass a billion users by the end of this decade

Crypto adoption is rising among both retail and institutions. However, adoption is still low compared to traditional investment assets such as equities, payment technologies and private equity allocation by institutions… 

If the trendline of crypto adoption continues, the total number of crypto users is likely to reach one billion by 2030.”

Source: BCG/Foresight Ventures/Bitget

The report next highlights which types of institutions have been willing to take on crypto exposure in their portfolios.

“Among institutional investors, hedge funds and venture capital firms are most willing to invest… [having] almost doubled their exposure… from the fourth quarter of 2020 to the end of 2021.”

The study notes that some mainstream corporations such as Tesla are buying digital assets as an investment, while traditional payment processors like MasterCard and PayPal are offering cryptocurrency as a method at checkout for their customers. Financial technology firm Square falls into both categories.

Also joining in are banks and to a lesser degree pension funds, with the study concluding,

“One reason for rising institutional interest is that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be a useful hedge against inflation and offer a low correlation with other asset classes.

In addition, performance over recent years has exceeded that of other assets classes.”

Source: BCG/Foresight Ventures/BitgetThe report sums up the state of the industry by saying,

“Despite the recent crypto market slowdown, we believe that the crypto economy is here to stay.”



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