Cardingo’s Incredible Curated Designer NFT Collections | New Marketplace Series on Cardano Blockchain November 2021

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Cardingo is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain that features a Centralized Designer NFT marketplace that connects talented artists and Cardano fans from around the world

The Cardano NFT marketplace and Cardano series have been secretly in development for months. A series of NFTs and a unique marketplace were developed by the Cardingo team while the world awaited Cardano smart contracts.

CNFTs were sold long before smart contracts. CNFTs have been offered by platforms like and for months. They have been so successful that they have been inundated with a constant stream of visitors. With Cardingo, you have access to a curated marketplace, where only selected artists mint NFTs. Cardingo will continue to look for additional high profile artists and high-quality art to add to its platform. A lot of effort is being applied to seeking Aboriginal artists and art to share their culture and history with the world and to expand their income potential.


Cardingo’s mission is not only to provide a solid CNFT Marketplace, but also to be a loyal defender devoted to stomping out Cardano Fud. During the new era of Cardano, Cardano fans will have a new mascot to root for and cheer on as they embrace this playful, yet serious side gig.


The Cardingo NFT Platform will launch with a carefully developed series of NFTs:

  • HoskeyChainsare the first collection that offer computer generated keychains in a huge variety of Cardano inspired characters.
  • HoskeySmokeysoffers artist generated pixel animations that depict the beloved hero Charles Hoskinson in an animated pixel that literally blows smoke.
  • HoskeyMatesare another artist generated NFT that depicts Charles Hoskinson, in pixel form, wearing a variety of costumes or depicting different characters.
  • HoskeyMationare another artist generated NFT that depicts Charles Hoskinson in pixel animations displaying different levels of Hoskeys such as noob, pro and more.
  • HoskeyPunksare computer generated NFT that depicts Charles Hoskinson, in pixel form, wearing a variety of costumes or depicting different characters.
  • There is also aSpecial Hoskey Editionrare Charles Hoskinson collection that include illustration and animation, details on this rare NFT will be released later.


Cardingo intends to spread awareness and love for the Dingo. Cardingo has partnered with theDingo Foundationand will help promote and raise awareness for the Dingo and also donate to the Dingo Foundation charity.

Lyn Watson, Head of the foundation, said “we’ve been really hard up for funding due to the lockdown and lack of visitors,” but she is thrilled to partner with Cardingo and thinks the added global attention and donations will help her accomplish her goal of “federal protection for the species.”

Dingoes are native and a valuable piece of the Australian Ecosystem, and as an apex predator, they are vital to keeping the environment in balance. Over the years they have been hunted, trapped, poisoned, and generally thought of as pests. Lyn fears the species will eventually become extinct if protection measures are not taken soon. The dingo population at the Dingo Sanctuary are a species “insurance population, which is a big responsibility.”

Recently, their most famous Dingo, Wandi, fathered a litter of pups at the Dingo Sanctuary. Wandi’s story went viral when the world learned the tale of a Dingo pup that was dropped from the talons of an eagle to land in a suburban backyard. Wandi even has his own book that soon may be incorporated into Australian schools nationwide. Lyn hopes Wandi will help the next generation learn to love and appreciate Australia’s most valuable predator, rather than try and push it to extinction.

By partnering with Cardingo, Lyn aims to help continue her quest to change the reputation of the Dingo and preserve it for future generations. She has hopes in the future to build a visitor center and art gallery that will feature Dingo and aboriginal art for visitors to enjoy and appreciate.


Cardingo will also incorporate Australian Aboriginal art. The first evidence of Aboriginal philosophy is evident in the still visible rock art which dates back more than 20,000 years.

There is no written language for Australian Aboriginal People so in order to convey their important cultural stories through the generations it is portrayed by symbols or icons through their artwork.

Cardingo aims to provide avenues for aboriginal artists to pass on information and to preserve their culture. Indigenous art is centered on storytelling and used to convey knowledge of the land, events, and beliefs of the Aboriginal people.


Around the first week of November 2021, the first Cardingo series NFT drop will take place. Cardingo will launch its utility token for the marketplace soon after the public launch, which will offer future staking options and additional rewards for holders of Cardingo tokens.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice


Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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