Could this New Metaverse Project be the Next Amazon of Web 3.0?

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MetaMundo seems poised and ready to become one of the most price-friendly places to buy & sell valuable NFTs

In the race for metaverse dominance, the companies that “move fast and smart” will win.

As far as Facebook is concerned, the only record it has broken is that for most memed YouTube videos, with its cringe-worthy vision for Web 3.0 social interactions. Anyone for fencing?

On the opposite side of the spectrum is a flood of innovation from forward thinking companies that are shaping the very idea of what next phase of the internet will look like.

One such company is MetaMundo, and it just received $2.7 million in funding to help bring its metaverse marketplace vision to life.

Decentralizing the internet entails owning the digital assets and identities we create online, and MetaMundo is set to become the most affordable place to buy and sell NFTs.

The reason for this is their decision to build their platform around the layer-two network, Polygon, who’s fees for minting and transacting are a fraction of what you pay when dealing with direct Ethereum alternatives.

They’ve also made the decision to allow the buying and selling of assets that can be used in a variety of metaverse worlds, including Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space.

While MetaMundo is set to come online in Q1 of next year, Facebook has indicated it will be 10 years before it makes its first metamoves, competitors like MetaMundo will have years of data about how people actually behave in this new era of the internet.

Facebook Marketplaces? That’s so 2.0.