Crypto Strategist Jason Pizzino Believes the Next Burst to the Upside for Bitcoin (BTC) Will be Soon

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In a new strategy session, Pizzino tells his 285,000 YouTube subscribers that Bitcoin is in the later stages of a Wyckoff accumulation schematic, which suggests that an asset is forming the base for an incoming bull market.

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According to Pizzino, Bitcoin is likely in Phase D of a Wyckoff accumulation schematic, an area marked by a rally toward the top of the trading range followed by a retracement to a key support level.

Pizzino highlights that Bitcoin surged to the top of the trading range ($30,000) prior to its pullback to below $25,000.

“[Bitcoin] is still in a bullish picture. [Phase E and Phase D] are both pretty significantly bullish structures to be in.

The reason I was looking to change it from Phase E to Phase D is that we’ve had a push to the upside, and it looks like we are going through this stage – the last point of support, the backup – where the market is basically just trying to pull as much supply out of the market before the price can be marked up again. 

So either way, whether it’s a Phase D or Phase E, it’s in a bullish state. It’s in a bullish structure. 

And if it’s in a Phase D, it’s actually got more opportunity now for anyone that missed out… to be getting into Bitcoin in a re-accumulation area. So that’s why I’m looking at this ($25,000) as being a bull market structure, a bull market support before the market goes on further.  

Source: Jason Pizzino/YouTube

According to the Wyckoff Method, Phase E of an accumulation scheme is marked by a move above the trading range with demand in full control.

At time of writing, Bitcoin is worth $26,776.


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