FaniTrade is Giving Away 250 Passes to Promote the Launch of its Advanced Exchange on February 22nd, 2022

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FaniTrade is excited to announce their utility non-fungible token, FaniPass

Lucky users will get a chance to unlock exclusive perks and experiences via community platforms such as Twitter, Discord, and Instagram.

The FaniPass is packed with tons of discounts, rewards, and utilities that can be used across the FaniTrade ecosystem. FaniPass acts as a digital ticket that gives you access to gated content, exclusive offers, and presale access to NFT drops. There will be only 1000 FaniPasses, out of which 250 will be given away to the community. The remaining 750 will be available to mint on, starting with 5 SOL, while a secondary resale will happen on Magic Eden.

The pass is just Phase I of the project, and FaniTrade is planning for special airdrops in the future. While holding the NFT will generate revenue, it will also increase in value as the company releases new dApps across the three phases as described in the roadmap.

All members, present and future, can benefit from being a FaniPass holder by taking advantage of these incentives:

  •       Zero trading fee on FaniSwap DEX
  •       Zero trading fee on FaniVerse NFT marketplace
  •       50% discount on FaniBox’s minting fee
  •       50% off on FaniDex and FaniTRAX trading fee

In addition to these benefits, FaniPass owners get exclusive access to the Early VIP whitelist and Future VIP beta testing. They are also eligible for special giveaways and 2x rewards on affiliate payouts.

Follow Twitter, Instagram, or join the Discord server to stay updated with the latest information regarding the giveaway!

About FaniTrade

FaniTrade is a decentralized exchange platform powered by the Solana blockchain. It offers a complete package of intuitive decentralized applications that enables users to use services in a free non-custodian environment. The protocols serve as a low-cost, permission-less, and scalable ecosystem that transforms the way traditional exchanges operate. Users will have access to all the features that a centralized platform provides, but on a trustless blockchain
where they have complete control of their wallet.  FaniTrade’s Automatic Market Maker provides aggregated on-chain liquidity, ensuring users will always have access to all of Solana’s coins, at the best price on all networks.

While the initial launch phase will be focused on DeFi applications, the second phase will witness FaniTrade diving into other exciting areas with the introduction of the FaniVerse NFT marketplace and Fanitrax- the derivatives options trading protocol.




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