GameFi is Exploding Upward for Both Blockchain Savvy & Traditional Gamers | Start Ups like Banger Games Set to Reap the Benefits

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Banger is fresh from a €10 million fundraising round, which will help cement its position as the foremost gaming hub powered by blockchain technology

The round was led by some of the biggest names laser focused on investing in the crypto arena as well as by more rounded venture firms

Names include Avalanche, Shima Capital, GSR , Flori Ventures, Poolz Ventures, G20, LucidBlue Ventures, Belobaba Fund, Squares Capital, CSP DAO, Halvings Capital, OIG Capital, BigCoin Capital, and investing  angels like the Co-founder of Polygon, Jaynti Kanani, a variety of DAOs and communities like Neo Tokyo.

GameFi is exploding into the consciousness of both the blockchain savvy and traditional gamers, and start ups like Banger Games look set to reap the benefits of this new trend, with their play-to earn model that rewards players for simply playing, not just for winning.

Using the blockchain and the smart contracts that are deployed on them, make the possibilities of gaming unlimited. In the case of Banger, they are leveraging this new playing field to be able automatically aggregate each user’s gaming experiences across games, it is also able to organize complex data to give the player a more personalized experience across games.

The Closed Loop Gaming Economy

Meanwhile, unlike in the traditional gaming sphere, gamers can enjoy rewards and incentives based on their level of engagement, in this case with Banger Coins. Players can reap rewards in closed loop economies, where they can win and then spend their tokens on in-game items, or in the development of their own gaming structures and avatars.

Banger intends to use the money it has raised in developing gaming ecosystems, which break down the walls between games, so that currency can flow freely across gaming experiences, giving players the chance to play, fight, compete and go on quests, all powered by the native Banger Coin.

Exciting Times For Blockchain Gaming

The CEO of Banger Games, Borja Villalobos is excited at the potential this playing field can offer. He said, “As the industry has exploded in different directions ( Crypto, Metaverse,VR, Indie Publishers, Play to Earn) we are certain that gamers feel more disconnected than ever. Banger is the platform aimed at unifying this ever increasing ecosystem into one central point in the gaming universe”.

The funding round in a very fair and democratic format, saw investors limited to the amount that they could invest. This stands true to the ethos of Banger Games, which is community-centric and where the future path of the company is led by the community members. The plans for Banger are ambitious and the startup is already integrating with names like IBM, Chainlink, & Polygon to see its objectives reach fruition.

Polygon Co-Founder, Jaynti Kanani saw investing in this gaming hub as no-brainer, saying,

“My investment in Banger Games was an easy decision, I love the idea of leveraging activity across different games empowering users to monetize their gaming experiences. This is why the Bangers approach and the team they’ve assembled to make it happen has resonated with me from day one.”

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