Konami has Created a NFT Collection to Commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Castlevania Franchise

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The unique collection is perusable right now on OpenSea, and includes footage from the original NES release, audio files of in-game music, and newly commissioned artworks.


Each item will go on sale via a two day auction, running from 5pm EST on January 12 until 9pm on January 14.

A NFT is a one-of-a-kind collectible, and the first buyer also has the privilege of publishing their nickname on the Konami websitebut there is otherwise very little utility associated with this item. Therefore, they will not grant access to additional perks or any in-game benefits.

Unfortunately, Konami isn’t going to do anything truly radical like announcing a new video game. (That would be unprecedented!) Rather, it’s decided to auction off some of the series’ most iconic artwork and music as NFTs. Obviously, this is exactly what fans were hoping to hear from one of the most storied Japanese developers out there.

It was first released on the NES console in 1986and dozens of sequels have been spawned ever since. Castlevania is one of the oldest video games franchises in history.

View the collection on Opensea >> Here

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