Novatars Enables Users to Own Digital Avatars that can be Deployed on Social Media, Play-To-Earn Protocols & Metaverses

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NFTs have emerged as the biggest trend on the blockchain industry due to their massive popularity with mainstream users

This novelty form of digital assets have enabled artists and creators to mint and monetize their creations without going through complex processes associated with traditional platforms

Therefore, it is unsurprising that the NFT trade volume increased nearly three-fold from $2.67 billion in December 2021 to $6.86 billion in January 2022, according to data from The Block Research.  Adoption by social media platforms Twitter, Reddit and Meta, have also accelerated the growth of NFTs. As a result, the demand for social media NFT avatars is at its peak, and Novatar, an innovative NFT project, offers a solution for everyone to own their NFTs.

Own your digital avatar

Unlike other NFT platforms, the Novatars enables users to purchase, grow, and nurture their NFT avatars.

Its ecosystem consists of a limited collection of 25,000 baby avatars that will grow on the blockchain and transform into adults. The avatars included on Novatars are diverse and have different races, genders and sexual orientations.

This makes it the first of its kind project that imitates the real-life cycle using blockchain technology. All that is needed is to purchase a baby avatar. Each baby Novatar character has nine basic genes in its DNA and as it becomes an adult it will acquire up to 14 genes.

Owners can decide to age their baby Novatars 30 days after thee NFT reveal, and this process is irreversible. The beauty of this process is that users can acqure unique genes that determine the character of their avatar and mint heterosexual and homosexual avatars.

Novatars also stands out from others with its user-friendly, accessible platform for beginners and advanced users. All that is required is to visit the website and connect a supported wallet. Once connected, the entire features related to the avatar becomes active, and users can go to their page to perform relevant actions.

Novatar presale begins February 27

Novatars has already revealed the presale of its NFTs on February 27, 2022, by 2 PM EST. An initial pool of 10,000 Novatars will be made available in the first round of the presale, and participants will be able to purchase them for 0.1 ETH per piece.

Novatar presale represents an excellent opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to become a stakeholder in one of the top NFT projects in the crypto world. Several analysts have already stated that Novatars have the potential to become one of the top NFT collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

More developments in the horizon

Novatar has developed a vast community on Discord, Twitter and Reddit. In addition, its smart contracts have been verified, and users can be assured of the safety of their NFTs.

As the demand for NFT avatars keeps expanding, Novatar ecosystem will continue to evolve in utility and features. To learn more about Novatar, visit the links below.

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