The IOT1 Academy Provides Deep-Tech Training & Development for Employees in the Field of Industry 4.0.

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IOT1 Academy helps companies digitize parts of their production and administration with the latest IoT technologies. 

The IF has launched the first international IOTA Academy program in close cooperation with IOT1 Academy, based in Berlin and Shanghai.

The IOT1 Academy is a high-tech institute that teaches personnel about Industry 4.0. With the newest IoT technology, IOT1 assists businesses in digitizing elements of their manufacturing and administration. The IOTA learning formats available are intended to help programmers and non-programmers alike better understand the technology, strategy, and ecosystem that underpins it, as well as to teach technical and practical IOTA skills.

With state-of-the-art didactic, app-based approaches, the courses are particularly practice-oriented and enable exceptionally long-term learning and high transfer of knowledge. For programmers and developers, the course program includes a variety of online training and integrated training.

Non-programmers, such as futurists, enthusiasts, and students, as well as corporate project managers, idea developers, and managers in leadership roles, can take courses to learn more about IOTA technology and its immense disruptive potential for business and society.

Courses for the developers

The “IOTA Onboarding Course for Developers,” an app-supported learning educates coders who want to create and learn to develop their applications on IOTA’s Tangle which is an open, highly scalable, source, and without charges Distributed Ledger Technology.

The following are the formats of the course that learners can choose from them,

  • Blended training has the advantage of direct contact with the trainer.
  • In the blended seminar, the developers can communicate with the teachers via messenger and training sessions will be given in Berlin with the same tutors.
  • Pure digital that will be through app use and without a messenger.