Crypto Heavyweight Coinbase Ready to Deploy NFT Division | War for Marketplace Dominance Rages

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Coinbase NFT marketplace

Coinbase NFT Marketplace Gets Ready to Heat Things Up

Coinbase made its bold declaration in the early hours of Monday morning in a memo designed to prepare the NFT world for its arrival. Contained within the document are tantalizing glimpses of the final product, as well as detailed instructions on how to get up and running, all designed with the soul intention of getting its members off to a blistering start.

In addition, the email contained details of a Mastercard partnership. A lucrative proposition that will allow its users to purchase digital assets using a credit card, therefore bypassing a number of crypto-related hurdles when onboarding to the NFT sphere. There was also reference Twitter’s NFT profile pics, indicating that Coinbase NFT may well represent the next platform to integrate with Twitter’s NFT technology.

With Coinbase scheduled to deliver its quarterly earnings report on February 24, the marketplace launch is expected to fit neatly into the build-up, meaning that its arrival is very imminent indeed. In the words of Coinbase itself, “get ready to create, collect, and connect”.

Millions of people on the waitlist for the highly anticipated NFT marketplace launch from Coinbase Global Inc .What Happened: Coinbase sent out an email highlighting its upcoming NFT marketplace and providing some tips to get people ready for the launch.

“Get ready to create, collect and connect,” the email reads.

The email said the marketplace will launch “very, very soon.”

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