Miller Lite is Coming to Decentraland |“Meta Lite” Bar to Kick Off its New Venue With a 9-Day Super Bowl Celebration

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Miller Lite Meta Lite Decentraland

Miller Lite has found a home in Decentraland

Beer drinkers and tavern dwellers have cause to celebrate, Miller Lite is coming to Decentraland  

Silent types can now brood over pints of the amber nectar all from the comfort of the metaverse in the brand new “Meta Lite” Bar.  Starting immediately, the very first big-name pub entry to Decentraland will kick off its new venue with a 9-day celebration of the Super Bowl. A grand sporting event honouring the USA’s love affair with advertising, barbecues and occasional bouts of American Football. All to the tune of fun, games and large amounts of alcohol.

This spectacular new venue includes all the trappings of a traditional pub. Therefore, patrons will discover an operational pool table and dart board, as well as a vintage jukebox and open mic set up, while refreshments include a virtual pilsner on tap, with flavour notes more or less on a par with the real thing.

Miller Lite Meta Lite Decentraland

In addition, a number of fantastic giveaways will punctuate the raucous atmosphere. As a result, “football” fans stand a chance to win real life prizes of beer and snacks. All the fuel required to sit through the seemingly endless hours of sport.

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