Can you tell us about your background and what lead you down the path to becoming an artist and ultimately experimenting with NFTs?

I was minted in Ireland and later moved to Edinburgh, Scotland where I misspent my university days and never looked back.

Well, I like to call myself the latest OG to the party. I have worked in blockchain marketing since ’17 and was switched on to the emerging crypto art scene by the late, great Alotta Money. Then for some utterly mad reason I forgot about the whole thing.

I got back into painting in the interim (after a 15 year hiatus) and was starting to exhibit when the great covid leveller struck. I kept creating through lockdown like a woman possessed but had no viable way to get my art out there. I read the Beeple article last year and a lightbulb went back on in my degen head and a year later here I am, pencil-pushing on the daily!

When did you mint your first NFT? What platform did you choose and why?

I minted my genesis on Foundation last October. I chose it because at the time it was fairly exclusive and I liked the overall interface compared to the other options I had then.

Can you tell us one thing you cannot live without?

I can’t live without the gym it keeps me sane and helps me degen longer, faster and harder – sitting over an iPad or a canvas all through the night is hard but lifting weights and yoga make the damage less.

Who is your favorite artist(s) (Non NFT)? What about their style resonates with you?

Jean-Michel Basquiat because I remember being so struck by his style when I was still at school and learning what was possible as an artist. His whole works just sang to me and I never tire of looking at them today, and he has had a huge influence on my style.

Who is your favourite NFT artist? What makes this artist unique?

Oh that would have to be Alien Queen (@AlienqueenNFT). Owning a piece of her work is a top goal of mine. She combines a sexy, vibrant style with acid-soaked meanderings to make work that just pops in your face and that you can’t get out of your mind. She is also a wonderful and supportive person in the community, and truly top of her game.

What made you pursue NFT art?

I lurked in the scene for 5 months buying art and building connections before I minted a single thing. Having worked in the blockchain space for years I understood the tech behind NFTs and was fully convinced of the future possibilities to gain from minting my art.

What is the one piece of NFT art you wish you had purchased but missed out on?

I will forever regret not buying a 1/1 Alotta Money when I first became aware of him in 2018. His legacy will be as a titan of the new cryptoart frontier and his untimely death was a huge loss to the NFT scene and the art world in general.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Why this location?

I would go to Japan because I am obsessed with almost everything from that country. I could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner and their rich art heritage and culture is so beautiful to me. I specifically want to go skiing on Mount Fuji with the cherry blossoms paving my way. Yes, I dream like an anime princess!

 What are your other passions besides art? Why?

I am a fully-paid up bookworm. The only time my face isn’t buried in a book, a paper or a blog is when I have a paintbrush in my hand. I use the books I get lost in to then inform my art concepts and it is such a wonderful journey to be influenced by the diverse types of authors I read from.

I also have a deep passion for fine wine and olives (snack food of the gods). There are some in this space who diss olives and I really don’t think they GMI.

Do you make other forms of art?

I write poetry for my NFT descriptions so I guess you could call that art, and I make amazing vegan food which is, frankly, edible art.

How did you come up with your specific style?

It was born from observations of club culture and fashion over the years, and long dark nights of the soul. I paint very intuitively and never plan how a piece will go – it just takes on a life of it’s own.

How has your style evolved over the years?

I went from doing pop-art collages and huge, classical oil painting style works with a modern twist at school to…nothing for 15 years. I spent that hiatus travelling and raving and living a life that would richly inform my art today. When I picked up the brushes again I developed a completely fresh style using archival ink on paper.

Now I merge my provocative ink paintings with digital to create the signature Rocketgirl style and I am planning a new direction which will be surreal and fantastical.

What is coming in the near future?

I’m planning to dive headfirst back into oils and acrylics and have a collection idea that is gong to put the ’s’ into surreal.

If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be?

It would have to be Sean Williams (@iArtSometimes) because his style is as stand-out as Basquiat was to me when I first saw it. It would be a dream to merge my style with his, 100%

Do you have any upcoming drops?

I will be releasing some more pieces in my CONTRITUM SOMNIUM collection on Known Origin over the next few weeks but the main thing I am working on is my next collection – June is my tentative drop date to tie up with NYC NFT.

Where can collectors find your work?

Link to Website: