SHIB: The Metaverse | Shiba Inu Developers Reveal Details on their Latest Project

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Shiba Inu announces the launch of its metaverse

Shiba Inu promises over 600K land plots priced between 0.2 ETH and 1 ETH

Dogecoin creator Billy Markus reacts to the news in a series of negative tweets

Developers behind the well-known cryptocurrency Shiba Inu (SHIB) revealed details about their new project, SHIB: The Metaverse The announcement talked about 100,595 land plots, where some of which will remain private.

As per other land plots, they will be revealed in phases, which are Silver Fur, Gold Tail, Platinum Paw, and Diamond Teeth. These land plots are priced between 0.2 Ethereum and 1 Ethereum, where the team decided to use a neutral cryptocurrency for the price to make sure Shiba native coins would not have any downfall risks.

“Using our Ecosystem Tokens is a risk, as we would need to dump our own tokens price cashing them! And that’s far away from our plans,” developers stated during the announcement.

The announcement also said:

We will be introducing the first special role that Shiba Inu $SHIB will play in the Metaverse. By welcoming a mechanic to burn $SHIB independently while renaming your land plot, furthermore, this should start soon after land events and public sale have ended.

The developers also mentioned that the other SHIB ecosystem coins like LEASH and BONE will play a role as more phases are rolled out. “LEASH holders will be able to purchase lands in later stages,” they said.

In related news, Dogecoin creator Billy Markus does not seem to support SHIB: The Metaverse. He made his disapproval clear through his tweets and replies on the news. Markus has had some aggressive and negative replies on Twitter ever since the news first came out.

One of his replies on the news sarcastically said “the developers raising 100-300 million dollars from their holders will do great, you’re right.”

Another tweet was targeting the Shiba community, where he said “every random shib avatar insulting me really proves how wonderful your community is.” While a third tweet was claiming that the project is pointless.

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