Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Deliver 100X Gains by the End of 2022

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Would you like to 5x 10x 50x or even 100 times your money with cryptocurrency does this sound too good to be true. In today’s post, I’m going to be teaching you about three micro-cap altcoins that I believe have massive upside potential. The best part is some of these haven’t even hit the market yet. Giving you the chance to get in first. Also please know that everything I say in this post is not financial advice. These posts are for educational and inspirational purposes only. Here I am on the reason why I keep sharing with you seedify is that they have a lot of new upcoming projects. Speaking of products that I’m going to be sharing their project that was just listed today with you right now.

#1- Plutonians

First is a new metaverse game on solana

Is one that I did share with you in a previous post very briefly but it is called Plutonian. The reason why I think Plutonians could absolutely go to the moon and beyond is for a few different reasons. Plutonians is a new web 3 game from ua fabrica. At its core, Plutonians is going to be an nft enabled and spl token powered space RPG post-game. The game framework is going to be developed as a combination of web 2 multiplayer universe and web 3 enabled metaverse. And right now at the time of this writing crypto games and also the metaverse are some of the hottest trends in crypto. This gameplay is going to be a hybrid mix of escape velocity homeworld and real-time RPG games. İt’s going to combine classic shooter action with strategy in-game co-op building and collecting.

Now one of the main things that stuck out to me about this project was its partnerships and the launch pads. You can see seedify, star launch, blokpad, gamepad, core starter, and my moon boots are going to be incubating this project. A lot of the incubation has already happened. This cryptocurrency is going to be hitting the market very soon if not already by the time you read this. If you take a look at the top 10 launch pad token sales rating plutonium was number one and this was just released by cryptograph ratings. And what’s also really cool is plutoniums has a play VR demo. But the fact that this cryptocurrency is being incubated by seedify and star launch has approximately 84 000 followers. The graphics look insane. And is a gamified metaverse on solana. This is why it is microcap crypto that I Think has some potential definitely in the many months of development.

#2- Outer Ring

Your second micro-cap cryptocurrency altcoin is a deep space MMO RPG

So let me teach you even more about this project called Outer Ring and if you go to, you can find out more information. The really important information is where the ido is going to be located. So that you can get these tokens before anyone else. Also, you can see that this cryptocurrency is going to be on March 3rd. For BSc pad game zone and meta vpad. It will also be on daostarter Babylons infinity pad gamespad and brandpad. And if you take a look at the tokenomics the angel seed round has a three-month cliff.

Where the seed round only receives five percent of the token generation event. Private sale is only %6. The ido is %10. And even the advisors in the team have a three-month cliff. This raise is definitely a bigger one of approximately eight million dollars. But the fact they have diamond partners of dex tools and dex force. As well as many other partners here this sci-fi MMORPG. Its token-based ecosystem could be one to keep on your radar. And here on their Twitter, you can see an inside look of what the gameplay is going to look like. And to me, this looks im. The fact that it’s going to have VR. İ think outer ring could be one of those projects that if it develops could do very well in the future. Of course, you need to do your research and understand all the different nuances that go into this project. We will continue to see more as this develops in the next coming weeks. So for all of these reasons outer ring is your second cryptocurrency micro micro-cap.

#3- Qmall

Your third and final cryptocurrency micro-cap gem is going to be the first metaverse exchange

Qmall, right now it’s already an exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Ethereum Binance coin litecoin bitcoin. It’s as easy as just signing up. Popping up your balance. And selecting your desired crypto. You will need to have to upload and verify for KYC. But this is a centralized exchange that I’ve heard is used a lot in eastern Europe. One of the reasons why people are using this exchange is because of its low fees.

Trading pairs range from zero to zero point five percent depending upon the currency. And deposit and withdrawals range from zero to two percent. Also, security is very important when using a centralized exchange like qmall 98 of customer funds are stored offline. They use automatic DDoS protection creating daily backups. And enabled 2fa for all users. They also have a lot of modern trading tools. This qmall token is going to be exclusive on bscpad velaspad and ethpad on February 15th. Which is just a few days from now. And if this is an exchange token think of all the other exchange tokens that have done very well.

Things like Binance coin ftx gatecoin kucoin and many others could be the start of getting one of these cryptocurrency exchange coins. Another reason why this is a micro cap gem is micro-cap the initialmarket cap is only going to be 460 thousand dollars. And if you want to get some of these tokens for free let me share with you how you can do so. What you can do is go website for the viral sweep and you can get whitelisted and potentially get some of these tokens before anyone else. So between plutonium, outer ring, and qmall, I believe these are some cryptocurrencies to seriously research yourself as they are going to be micro caps as soon as they list.